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Beryll var Morganite on Albite

Pech, Afghanistan

Museum Specimen 105 × 83 × 52 mm 634g


A great specimen of Morganite crystal – a pink gem variety of Beryl – studded perfectly upon a matrix of lustrous white Albite crystals. The faces are sharp and smooth like glass and have a transparent, glowing pink color and the overall crystal is perfectly faceted throughout on all sides. This magnificent treasure belongs to The Wally Mann Collection.

All images: Joe Budd,


Previous Owner

The Wally Mann Collection

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9.200,00 £

Species / Paragenesis

  1. Beryl Be3Al2[Si6O18]*H2O
  2. var
  3. auf
    Albite Na[AlSi3O8]
105 × 83 × 52 mm
  • Weiß
  • Pink
  • Farblos


Pech, Chapa Dara District, Konar Province, Afghanistan


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Damage, repairs, treatments

The specimen is in very good condition. Only very little invisible repairs.